We work together with people in refugee camps, detention institutions, and city centers to help restore hope, provide joy, and offer community. We have witnessed renewed ability to experience positive emotions, improved self-esteem, and a willingness to encourage others and support group efforts.


Refugee Camps, Thessaloniki (GRC)

Making music with women and girls, men and boys, families, and teenagers

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Lullaby Project, Naples (ITA)

Helping mothers create lullabies to share with their infants

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Asylum Seekers Center, Lucerne (CH)

Connecting through performance and workshops for refugees and asylum seekers

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SPRAR CenterS, (ITA)

Encouraging fun, new friendships, and group interactions

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Alkyone and Oikopolis community CentERs, THessaloniki (GRC)

Making music with children

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Juvenile Detention institution, Rome (ITA)

Helping young women create positive self-expression

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