Currently playing tunes from Tunisia, Greece, Turkey, the klezmorim of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Brazil, Western Europe, and their own compositions, the musicians bring audiences to their feet at every concert.

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Human rights band

Through performance of musically diverse expressions of the basic human emotions found across cultures, the Human Rights Band seeks to highlight our common humanity and to inspire pacifist, respectful responses to difference. Programs comprise tunes from different religions, races, nationalities, and regions to enhance our knowledge and appreciation of others.

Upcoming on 06 October 2019, the Band will be featured in the closing concert of the Internazionale Festival in the central piazza of Ferrara, Italy.

Gennarino Amato - clarinet

Paolo Camerini - bass

Gianluca Casadei - accordion

Sade Mangiaracina - piano

Simone Pulvano - percussion

Yasemin Sannino - voice 

Ziad Trabelsi - oud and voice