Lullaby Project, Naples (ITA)


The project in Summary

The Lullaby Project pairs pregnant and new mothers and fathers with musicians to write and sing personal lullabies for their babies, supporting maternal health, aiding child development, and strengthening the bond between parent and child. Associazione Pianoterra in Naples hosted and organized the three-week pilot project.


Funded with support from Fondazione Pianoterra:



11 mothers and 2 fathers participated in a total of 22 individual sessions that were bookended with an opening and closing music and movement, group workshop for all of the families. Now resident in Naples and environs, one family was of Italian origin. The other 10 families had emigrated from Nigeria, Morocco, China, Sri Lanka, and the Ivory Coast. The one-hour sessions were led by a team of two workshop leaders from Musicians For Human Rights, assisted by a percussionist, an oud player, and a clarinetist.


Often inspired by traditional songs from their cultures or lullabies they knew as children, the mothers would be assisted in the creation of a lullaby text and melody. The musicians would then add harmony and arrange the lullaby for an instrumental ensemble.


The mothers became willing to share personal experiences, to laugh with each other, and to permit mothers from other cultures to hold their babies. The sessions became a source of happiness and relaxation, and the creation of a personal lullaby appeared to enhance self-esteem.